Teach Kids About Health


Soccer camps teach kids all kinds of things. They learn about teamwork. They learn about the fruits of hard work. They also learn about health and exercise. A soccer league is an excellent opportunity to teach kids about how to be an excellent athlete but also an excellent exerciser. Denver soccer leagues are dedicated to teaching youth how to take care of themselves and eat well. I was a coach at a youth soccer program at an elementary school.

The program reached all of Denver. The whole paradigm of the soccer program was to pair soccer knowledge with nutritional knowledge. Every practice, we had drills that we were supposed to teach the kids, but we also had a bit of nutrition knowledge that we were supposed to impart upon the players. The instruction ranged from eating well to how much water they were supposed to drink each day to how much sleep you are supposed to get. And it is an important lesson to learn.

In terms of sports, how many athletes do you know of that do not takes care of themselves? You cannot be an elite athlete if you are out of shape. Just the other weekend, I went to a rugby game. The men were absolutely enormous. At first they look overweight. But then you realize that they are just massively muscular. And they are certainly not out of shape when they sprint down the field to tackle someone for two continuous 40 minute halves. But even if you do not continue to play sports, it is important to teach kids about health while you have their ears.

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